Our Vision:

To create world leaders with the humility of a Saint, the knowledge of the learned and the wisdom of a Guru.

A unique Gurukulam, where...

Learning is playing and playing is learning.
Learning is the most exciting human experience.
You learn many languages.
Teachers as eager to learn as students.
Body and Mind are nurtured.
You earn while you learn.
You learn to lead humanity to glory and prosperity.
Teaching is part of learning.
You live and learn as if you are a world leader.


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Rishi Vidyalaya Gurukulam
Boduvalasa, Sabbavaram Mandalam,
Visakhapatnam – 531 035,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +918924-255276 / 275
Mobile: +91 98480 16546, +919848082261, +919848069546,
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The Founder :
Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji is an aeronautical engineer and has acquired an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Going through MBA was a thought provoking experience for him. He realized that management starts from self. This was not available in the MBA program. This led him to meditation and this became the turning point in his life. He underwent sadhana under the guidance of Guru Bhagwan Vishveshwaraiah.

His life is dedicated to making everyone’s life happy, powerful and meaningful. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious and has inspired many individuals to own his vision as theirs and joyously create a beautiful world.

The result of his sadhana was the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) for living in super health, SSY 100% Memory technique for students, Infant Siddha Programme to develop super kids, setting up colleges for youth to develop rural community. Youth training college (ILRD, Dharwad University), Global Religious Harmony, Global Cooling and Many Other programmes.

Rishi Gurukulam (A Residential School), a gift from Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji was started in the year 1997 at Boduvalasa, Visakhapatnam and in the year 2003 at Doddamaralwadi, Kanakapura Taluk, Bengaluru.


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